I was very stressed for several months.  The division of the company for which I worked had been sold and I found myself in competition to keep my job.  At 60 years old, a frightening prospect.  My first Healing Touch session with Anne was absolutely wonderful.  Very calming, it allowed me to relax and think clearly.  After just one session, I turned a corner and was at peace with whatever was to come.  I knew  I could accept and move forward.  That peace and clarity has carried over into my personal life as well.  I am in a very good place and a happier person. I thank Anne for bringing such peace into my life.
Jane P.,
South Orange, New Jersey

I worked with Anne during my treatment for breast cancer.
I have never worked with a more gifted healer.  I feel that our healing sessions were so helpful in getting me through a very tough time.  Now that I look back, I see how necessary they were to my healing.  I could feel Anne's energy and her calming voice was extremely relaxing.
Whenever the work was done, I felt infinitely better.  Certain chronic pain actually stopped.
I became acutely aware of and more in touch with my own physical being as well a my spiritual self and felt more motivated to treat myself with more care.
Anne's work with my grieving son was immeasurable.  He was helped soooo much by her kind words and keen insights.
The path of healing is what Anne is meant to do!
Debbie E.,
Denville, New Jersey

Under hypnosis, Anne gently guided me to a relaxed peaceful place inside myself.  There I gained new understanding and wisdom for my life.  I went into this hypnosis open, without expectations and it was a beautiful experience.  Thank you Anne, for this wonderful gift to unwrap and use whenever I want.
Diane D.,
East Rockhill, PA

Anne's treatment has been effective for me, in improving pain and discomfort from both physical and emotional causes.  She carefully listened and drew out the key information to target treatment.  In just two sessions, her insights have been helpful related to specific and general areas of my life where I had been struggling.
As a peer in the energy healing realm, I am impressed and appreciative of her skills and approach.
Marie Claire L.,
Fort Collins, CO

My work with Anne has bee a blessing -- period.  Her gentle aura when she approaches you for either business, a luncheon or a session is a welcome presence.  She has a true gift of healing and it is a part of who she is.  Encountering her on any level is healing.  Be well!!
Halina W.,
Denver, CO