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A Path with a Purpose   offers programs designed to assist  individuals in transitioning life situations to cope with the many challenges that he/she will meet in re-gaining a positive direction of healing or re-structuring their life.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Mind Movies I have created or would like to try to Mind Movies program yourself, please visit mindmovies.com or to order the Mind Movies program, click here. Please call for more information about how our program can bring you into the path that you desire, your Path with a Purpose.


Creating change for people can open a lot of doors. I had an experience with a client that really changed my perception of healing for me. I had a client who had a broken arm. The arm was broken at the wrist. She was scheduled for surgery to insert a plate and screws to hold the plate.

The night before the surgery, I did a brief session with her. I felt the energy flowing into her arm and heat emanating into her arm. After the surgery, the doctor came to tell me she was in recovery. I asked how the surgery went. He told me he basically just opened the arm up and closed it again because the break wasn't there. The broken arm had healed. After the doctor said the bone was not broken, he stated that he didn't have an explanation for it.  Shortly after his explanation I told him that I energy work and had done an energy session on the client.  He said "I thought it had to be something like that because I didn't know what could've happened."

Quoted by Dr. Matthew H. Zornitzer, The Center for Orthopaedics, 1500 Pleasant Valley Way, Suite 101 West Orange, NJ  07052.