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I look forward to helping you create significant changes in your life for 2018.  Dare to open the door with me.

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  • Riverfest at The Book Garden

    September 2nd 2018

    I will be participating in the Riverfest in Frenchtown, NJ with a book signing event at the Book Garden in Frenchtown on Sunday, September 2nd, 2018 (Labor Day weekend).

  • Frankfurt Book Fair

    October 10th - 14th 2018

    My book will be available at the Frankfurt Book Fair in Frankfurt, Germany from October 10th-14th. I will be represented by Victoria Martin of Your On Line Publicist.

  • Festival of Authors

    November 17th 2018

    The Story of the Sun will also be featured at the Festival of Authors on November 17th at the Miami Dade Book Fair in Miami. I will be signing books and conducting an interview that will later be available on YouTube.


  • The Story of the Sun Is Now Available in Spanish!

    Visit Anne Hunter Logue Books to purchase. Also available from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Target.

  • The Story of the Sun Will Be...

    The Story of the Sun will be re-published by Westwood Publishing! I have improved some of the illustrations and added some new photos for this version.


  • Harvard Symposium, September 2016


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  • Harvard Symposium, April 2018


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