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Boulder, CO – People must face many challenges in life. Sometimes certain situations can create obstacles that make it difficult to handle the issues we must deal with. Anne Logue is the creator of A Path with a Purpose (, offering emotional, psychological and spiritual tools to help us cope with, heal and manage the challenges that sudden changes in our lives present. Logue works with Reiki, Quantum Touch (two forms of energy healing) guided visualization in the form of Mind Movies, as well as hypnosis, including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). “What this program is designed to do is bring your issues to the forefront so that they can be healed and allow you to grow,” explains Logue. “But you have to be open to the possibilities.” Logue first became interested in these healing modalities after her brother was diagnosed with leukemia.  During his second round of chemotherapy, he contracted an infection that shut down his organs. Placed on life support, at the critical point in his treatment one of the nurse practitioners gave him Reiki and a guided meditation, which quickly caused him to stabilize. “I’d witnessed a miracle,” recalls Logue. “It was so dramatic and emotional for me. I had been looking for ways to help him manage the experience and help myself from feeling so helpless." Today, Logue now works with a variety of individuals, including cancer patients, who are facing challenging life situations. “There are so many other applications for these methods,” says Logue. “They are the tools to access a deeper consciousness where the solutions to our problems reside.” Click here to listen on Blogtalk Radio

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