About Us

Coot Lake in BoulderThe mission of A Path With A Purpose is to create dynamic programs for individuals so that they can learn to become self-empowered and are able to create refreshing solutions for their life through vivid guided imagery experiences using Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programing, Reiki and Healing Touch techniques, which are powerful tools that promise fast and far-reaching results.  Our program focuses on positive outcomes for difficult transitions in life's pathway.  A Path with a Purpose acts to emphasize changes in feelings about ourselves and the way we are able to see our problems disappear in a quick and effortless manner.  It is no longer necessary to struggle through long and prolonged therapies, we advocate and teach each participant to listen to the limiting patterns they have created for themselves through their own language and to correct their image with simple and easy shifts.  Open new possbilities for yourself, access greater joy and success in every aspect of your life.  Watch for Anne's upcoming book "See You on the Other Side" about the role her brother had in bringing her into this life's work.